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Action you can take

At one time New Zealand was seen overseas as leading the world by introducing policies that benefited the average citizen. Now it is far behind most OECD countries when it comes to measures relating to labour laws, consumer rights, housing, social wellbeing and environmental protection. Successive Governments have relied on inflation, immigration and rising property […]

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Auditor-General ignores scams

Billions of dollars should be repaid by businesses who were overpaid or who wrongly obtained or retained Government Covid-19 assistance but no action has been taken to make them do this. Public servants arranged dishonest schemes with loose rules designed to channel as much taxpayer money as possible to businesses. The Auditor-General was very critical

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Low corruption myth

Few rules mean that we have greater corruption than in other similar countries who have rules to control lobbying, political party donations and the other means by which Government decision-making is corrupted. The Australian Centre for Public Integrity states that ‘if someone adversely affects the exercise of public administration directly or indirectly, this is corrupt

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A man holding a briefcase full of Money.

Lobbying corrupts decisions

Those who pay for access to public servants and Ministers get a big payback so New Zealand should follow what other similar countries did many years ago and introduce strict rules on lobbying. Our democracy is frequently undermined by lobbyists who arrange for promised policies to not be implemented or for new policies to be

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How scams impact you

In October 2020 businesses had $22,700 million or 24% more in the bank than in October 2019. At that time there were a lot of reports about a high demand for all types of luxuries including luxury homes and expensive holiday homes and there were waiting lists for luxury cars, boats and camper vans. Businesses

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