$10,000,000,000 in subsidies Overpaid

Come on MSD, make businesses pay it back.

Who is The
Integrity Institute?

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The Integrity Institute publishes research on the dishonest schemes or scams in the public sector that are not illegal but can be regarded as being ethically and morally wrong.

Businesses, farmers and wealthy people use lobbying, political party donations and other means to get the decisions they want from public servants and political parties. 

These activities end up costing you and every other citizen thousands of dollars each year due to higher taxes, reduced public services, lower incomes, and inflated prices.

Pay it back.

Public Servants gave away many billions of dollars to businesses and when it became clear that about $10 billion of wage subsidies had been overpaid and wrongly retained, they did nothing about getting this money back.

The MSD has never written to recipients to remind them of their obligations and to request overpayments be repaid.

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