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The Integrity Institute website has been created to publish some of the research that helps explain why the wellbeing of the average New Zealander has been gradually declining over the past 40 years and is  likely to continue to do so unless action is taken. Research has been carried out by researchers who have a PhD or other relevant qualifications.

The Integrity Institute publishes research on how wealthy interests make money from dishonest schemes or scams in the public sector that are not illegal but can be regarded as being ethically and morally wrong. 

Our Founders

Grant and Marilyn Nelson - Founders of The Integrity Institute

Grant and Marilyn Nelson

The information has been gathered by Grant Nelson who has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in economics and accounting and has been a public servant and has owned a large business. In 1995 he decided to sell the business and put the proceeds into a charitable trust.   Since then he and his wife have been working full-time in the charitable sector.

The Nelsons have observed that over the past 40 years in New Zealand inequality, child poverty, unaffordable housing and the environment have been getting steadily worse.

At the same time businesses, farmers, and other vested interests, who were already well off, have greatly increased their wealth. They have been given huge amounts of taxpayer money and assistance because they use lobbying, political party donations and other means to get the decisions they want from public servants and from political parties. These activities end up costing you and every other citizen thousands of dollars each year due to higher taxes, reduced public services, lower incomes, and inflated prices.

In 2012 the Nelsons established the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington to carry out research on lobbying and political party donations. A total of $10 million was provided after verbal and written assurances were given and a Charter signed but Jonathan Boston and other staff members then decided that they could ignore these commitments and please themselves what they did with the funds available. In 2021 the Nelsons finally decided to transfer funding to a grants based system to ensure that the important work on  lobbying and political party donations was done. They have also sponsored research at other universities on a range of  social and environmental issues and have funded many other charitable projects.

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