Over the past 25 years the composition of New Zealand society has radically changed. This was not because the public said that they wanted it to happen but because the immigration consultants lobby group were able to lobby politicians and convince them of the short term economic benefits of  immigration. The immigration consultants have been able to make a lot of money out of immigration scams. The most popular one has been encouraging thousands of overseas residents to pretend to be immigrants in order to get a free English education for their children and other benefits for themselves. As they earn no income and pay no income tax, their children get the maximum in student allowances. Over the past 20 years a large proportion of students taking dentistry, medicine and other professional courses have stated that they intend to return to their homes overseas after completing their qualifications. If they have taken out a tax free student loan they cannot be made to repay it. New Zealand born students are often prevented from taking the course they want to take by these overseas students. New Zealand citizens increasingly have to see overseas trained dentists, doctors or other professionals with inferior qualifications and training.

Indian businessmen have used lobbying and donations to the National Party to get an immigration scam approved. Indians are told that if they pay a lot of money a young person will receive a bogus business qualification and they will then be given citizenship and can bring in the rest of the family. A survey showed that 15% of those who got a NZ Degree could not name the subjects or could not speak English.   

 Politicians have known about immigration scams for a long time but they are happy to get the benefits of a short term boost in economic activity resulting from immigration money coming into the country and leave future politicians to deal with the long term costs. Those costs include unaffordable housing.

John Banks got donations from Mr Dotcom and then phoned the Minister of Immigration, who was a friend, to try and get special treatment for Mr Dotcom. 

Minister of Immigration, Shane Jones approved citizenship for a Chinese fraudster who made a large donation to the Labour Party and boasted that as a result he would get citizenship.

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