Quotas were given to fishermen instead of getting them to pay an annual fee. The quotas were sold by fishermen to large fishing companies

Fishing Companies leased boats and crews from low wage countries instead of paying local people.

Talleys and Sanfords donated to the National party and Sanfords Goodfellow was National Party President so got favourable legislation through.

Fish dumping common. A company owned by Fishing companies was given a contract to use cameras to monitor boats. Lobbying stopped cameras on boats for many years and then taxpayers had to pay for them.

Martin Dunn Head of MPI said 300 prosecuted for dumping. Later came up with 6 cases over 4 years but two were not for dumping.

Three companies have 60% of quotas and 100 have 90%

Quota Manangement system does not work because fish do not stay in the same place and there is a lot of bottom trawling and fish dumping.

Climate change. Morgan Foundation found that in 2012 NZ companies were allowed to become the main buyers of fraudulent carbon credits.

Saudi businessman given $11m bribe but Government got nothing in return.

Earl Hagaman paid $101,000 to the National Party and the Government put $7.5 million into Niue Island Scenic Hotel resort. He owned a hotel at Franz Joseph which was hit by flood damage and fault line recommendations. The Government decided to pay for a $250,000 report.        . 

New Zealand has the highest proportion of renters in the OECD paying over 40% of their income in rent. New Zealand  is second in the OECD for hours worked and fourth for greatest inequality. New Zealand had the largest increase in inequality in the world in 2020  and 2021 according to Credit Suisse and journalist Bernard Hickey. There was a one trillion dollar transfer of wealth to those owning houses and other investment assets.

In 2010 the National government was warned that increasing the length and loads on trucks would result in more road deaths and damage to roads. Since then deaths caused by trucks have increased from 15% to 22% of the road toll.  About 25 people have been sacrificed each year to help road transport operaters make more money. The CEO’s of the Road Transport industry have been former National or ACT Members of Parliament.  The Police have not enforced the 90km speed limit for trucks.  There is 1 speed camera fine for trucks out of every 1400.   Registration numbers could be used to identify trucks and operators have GPS speed records. 

Lime scooters mike Williams got Aucland Transport staff to approve them without any Board consideration or approval.

He then got NZTA  to make a change allowing Lime scooters to go on footpaths and roads at 25kmph without helmets and this was gazetted in one week without any risk assessment or consultation.

NZTA approved 13 new Driving instructers with 169 convictions, allowed garages to give warrant of Fitness without doing proper checks,  allowed engineers to certify faulty towbar connections for transport companies.  

· Dr Robyn Toomath started Fight the Obesity Epidemic in 2001 when, as a diabetes specialist, she started seeing teenagers with type-two diabetes. After trying to overcome the lobbying of the food industry for over a decade she gave up and wrote a book called Food industry and obesity timebomb

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