When Casinos were trying to get consent to start operating in New Zealand they said that they would mainly be used by tourists. The reality is that they are mainly used by local people and they do a huge amount of harm in the community. To try and counter this, casinos donate to community groups, politicians and political parties.

Sky City  Casino gave a large donation to former National Cabinet Minister John Banks and he tried to keep this anonymous by filing a false return.

Sky City casino gave a donation and $40,000 of free rooms or upgrades to the Auckland Mayor, Len Brown. In return he supported the deal for them to have a huge increase in pokie machines and gambling tables, even though they could be damaging to the people who voted for him.

The revelations about Len Brown help explain why Councillors and Council officials are so keen to subsidise the hospitality industry.  They can be given free food, drinks and rooms for extramarital affairs.  In addition, there can be free overseas trips using the excuse of somehow encouraging tourists to visit the area..

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